Preparing a Home for Sale

Prep for Sale Kitchen Finished.jpg

Decluttering and renovating to maximize home value

When Terry died suddenly, he left a home in need of repair and cluttered with belongings. His widow and adult children needed help getting the house ready for sale. They turned to M+M Transitions and we helped to evaluate the options of selling the house as-is versus making improvements to increase its re-sale value.

First, we helped the family evaluate the market and then put together an estimate for repair and renovation costs including our services to sort through Terry’s belongings and disperse of them as needed. Based on our thorough estimate and move plan, the family decided to renovate and repair the home before putting it on the market.

We got busy helping the family clear out the one-and-a-half story house, full basement, attached workshop and shed. We sourced and managed multiple vendors to complete renovations while we rolled up our sleeves to clean and de-clutter.

The home was cleaned top to bottom, new hardwood floors were installed on the first floor, drywall holes were repaired, and a fresh coat of paint was added throughout. The outdated kitchen was improved with new appliances, countertops and backsplash. A yard full of heavy weeds gave way to new landscaping in the front and a well-manicured lawn.  

As a result, the home sold within a day for above asking price. Terry’s family was thrilled that a vibrant young family will make memories in a home lovingly designed by him.