Moving to a Retirement Community

EDL Memory Room.jpg


When Elizabeth had a sudden acute medical crisis, she needed to move from her condo where she had been living independently as a widow, to a retirement community.

M+M Transitions helped the family evaluate which retirement community would be best for their mother. Working with Elizabeth, we developed a move plan to carefully curate what she would take with her.

EDL Living Room.jpg

We oversaw the packing up of the condo and used an auction house, consignment and church garage sales for items Elizabeth and the family no longer wished to keep. 

We then placed Elizabeth’s key furniture pieces into her new two-bedroom apartment so that it would feel like home. While the new space was half the size of her previous condo, we were able to identify her most treasured possessions and decorate so she was surrounded with familiar items which brought comfort.

In addition, we sourced granite and marble countertops, picked new flooring and paint, along with light fixtures, so that the new apartment was move-in-ready when Elizabeth finished rehab three weeks later. We purchased two open brass shelves to display the many collectibles from Elizabeth’s years of traveling the world with her best friend and husband of 56 became her favorite room! 

 “It is lovely and it feels just like home. I cannot thank you enough.”   
— Elizabeth